Thursday, July 10, 2008

Superintendent Dom the Donkey

Superintendent Dom the Donkey
Carol Melnick, of JASPAN, SCHLESINGER & HOFFMAN is the defense attorney for Dom and the North Bellmore School District and "Quality Education"
Dania Hall was terminated from her position as the North Bellmore’s sole District Orchestra of strings after successfully completing her 3 year probationary period between 2002-2005. Her career ended abruptly behind closed doors, at a secret session of the May 5, 2005 board meeting. Despite 4 stellar reviews of 3 principals of the district, and after developing an enriching string orchestra for the district's elementary school children of the North Bellmore. Her career was destroyed by the decision of the then "new" Superintendent Mucci, who had no idea what she did, and abruptly terminated as a common criminal for "undisclosed" reasons .

What then followed was a massive cover-up of North Bellmore’s extensive malfeasance and the new superintendent, Dominick Mucci's botched-up firing job. He was further enalbed by the NYS Commissioner of Education, Richard Mills, who, despite evidence of foul play and misrepresentation that was submitted to him in litigation documents, ignored all relevant evidence which supported Ms. Hall and documented foul play of the district. He defended Superintendent Mucci's decision, and thus was effective in "dismissing" her case and protecting the district. Commissioner Mills reaffirmed his ruling that the superintendent has the "unfettered" right to hire and fire teachers and therefore deemed himself not responsible for those petty educational matters. All was effortlessly and routinely implemented by Carol Melnick, Esq., who also had documents and evidence of North Bellmore's cover-up of foul play. Carol Melnick is attorney for North Bellmore School District and member of the infamous and well-heeled, JASPAN, SCHLESINGER AND HOFFMAN law firm, who have made handsome profits in these litigation proceedings. This is indeed good for business!

This is the education system that you are paying for, with those astronomical Long Island Property Taxes, in case you were wondering. This is the Business of Education.